Flood Damage Carpet Restoration for San Antonio



    Why Not Use the Best? We'll Restore your Carpets Like No Others Can!


Flood damage carpet restoration performed at low cost with amazing results:
A lot of our customers end up with flood damage, whether it's the result of an accidental overflow, a broken pipe, bad weather or even the obvious creek or river cresting higher than normal. If you were to call some other company to handle it, you may even hear a moan or a groan when they hear what you need them for - Not American Stainmaster. We're always here for our clients no matter what the circumstances.

We will be there on time with our state-of-the-art equipment to make your carpets look like nothing ever happened and no one will ever be able to tell you had a mishap like a flood mishap in your home. We're local, low-cost, and the best company you can call for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Feel free to use our online booking form to book your next cleaning - Trust American Stainmaster!


We've been the experts people call for carpet restoration for YEARS!
When the general public think of 'who' the company was that did such a good job on their mother's or even their grandmother's carpets, the name 'American Stainmaster' pops into their head because they remember the name on the side of the truck! Kids are impressionable and we're proud to know thatthey grow up to remember us just as they grow up to remember McDonalds for a hamburger. Our reputation always preceeds us!

Some think or 'assume' that some other company is going to show up with UP-TO-DATE equipment and be friendly and have the same low prices as American Stainmaster, only to realize, when it's too late, that they've called one of the companies most of the rest of the public wouldn't ever call because they've 'been there, done that' with the others. American Stainmaster never disappoints - Cal1!


Make No Mistake! American Stainmaster is the one to TRUST!
When considering having your carpets and area rugs cleaned and treated, there are many choices out there. The name on the tip of your tongue should always be American Stainmaster. Among the many reasons to always call us is the fact that there are companies out there that don't always deserve the public's trust like American Stainmaster does. Our staff will always show up in company attire so you'll feel safe.

We not only always do the work of running background checks on all of our employees, we also MAKE SURE they possess the utmost in professional carpet cleaning education, how to treat upholstery and drapery applications and see to it that they have the manners and demeanor you would expect from American Stainmaster. We look forward to you contacting us to have your carpets and rugs brought back to life!



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